Refund Policy

Prior to commencement of scheduled services by One World Sims , the customer will be required to provide One World Sims with a security deposit as prescribed and governed by the terms & conditions herein under The amount of security deposit that the customer is required to provide, will be determined by One World Sims subject to the services being sought / availed by the customer.

The services availed by the customer will / shall remain active in the event that the usage amount exceeds the security deposit amount. The security deposit amount in no way shall restrict the customer’s quantum of usage. The security deposit is interest free and the customer is disentitled from claiming any interest / charge / levy on the same for the duration of its deposit with One World Sims .

One World Sims will retain the security deposit for the duration of the customer’s travel and for an additional period of 50 days from the off-hire date, following which it will be returned / refunded to the customer subject to return of SIM cards and / or other equipments to One World Sims .

In the event that the customer fails to return One World Sims SIM cards and / or other equipments to One World Sims within the afore-mentioned period (clause 4), One World Sims will be entitled to forfeit the security deposit in full.

In case of pre-paid products & services, refund / return of security deposit is not applicable.